working from lived experience, Brook explores relationships between the readymade, still life, sculpture and the photograph within his home shared with his Gran in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Brook reflects on the cultural history of his northern home town that has strong ties to textile industry, coal mining and trade unions while exploring current political affairs.




MA  2019 - 2020
BA  2015 - 2018

Both Studied at Leeds Arts University.


This Way For Fun! (Solo Exhibition and Book Launch) Village Books, Leeds 2020.

Rich Tea. (Solo Exhibition and Book Launch) Village Books, leeds 2021.

Group Exhibitions.

Twilight Sessions - Leeds Art Gallery, 2017.

NxNW, The Brunswick, Leeds. 2018.

Peers, Vrij Paleis, Amsterdam, 2019.

The Top 100, The Auction Collective, London, 2021.


I’D put you in a Mirror, Self Published edition of 40

PSALMS, Published by Meanwhile Press 2018

This Way For Fun! Edition of 50. Published by Ceremony Press 2020. 

On Going Works (Don't be a twat all your life, James) 2018-2019. Self Published, 2020.

Rich Tea, Published by Tide Press, 2021.

Interviews and press.

The pupil sphere  - Click Here.

A face full of a rich tea, by Aaron Guy, 2021. Click Here.

Grafter - Jim Brook: The Yorkshire artist exploring family surroundings - Click Here.

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